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The Benefits of Gymnastics for Toddlers

Benefits of gymnastics for Toddlers

Gymnastics is a pretty great sport. It combines athleticism with beauty and grace, and when watching some of the top gymnasts in the world, it’s hard to imagine them starting as unassuming children, just coming along for the ride. There are multiple benefits of gymnastics classes for young children, even if you aren’t dreaming of the Olympics! 1. Gymnastics stimulates cognitive growth The left side of the brain is responsible for analytical thinking, whilst the right side is for creativity and visualisation. To put it simply, your left brain would be the scientist and your right brain, the artist! In gymnastics, both sides of the brain are engaged. When toddlers are exposed to activities in gymnastics, the whole brain is exercised, encouraging rounded thinking. 2. Gymnastics develops strong and healthy bones Gymnastics enables safe weight bearing, especially in classes suitable for toddlers and children (in the form of KinderGym ). From early on, encouraging the use of the body, placing normal pressure on the bones increases and stimulates bone density for a strong and healthy skeletal system! 3. Increases coordination and encourages proprioceptive awareness Young children should be exposed to different kinds of learning. In gymnastics, not only vocal cues are used to direct children, but also visually through the assistance of tangible materials. This encourages both gross and fine motor skills, building coordination and awareness of the body. 4. Instils an understanding of discipline When a parent and child commits to attending training as part of their schedule, it instils an understanding of schedule and commitment. Gymnastics further cements the respect for discipline in the kinds of regulations it employs for safe and effective practice. 5. Fosters self-esteem from an early age When trying anything new, support and encouragement is wholeheartedly provided. In gymnastics, children are being exposed to different stimulus and encouraged to try new skills all the time. The positivity attached to attempts, perseverance and successes, no matter how seemingly small, only increase and establish a good self-esteem.

6. Increases social awareness and benefits Gymnastics classes encourages participation from all within the class, and whilst focusing on the individual, allows children to be surrounded by other children. This is important in creating a

social environment which is fun, new and challenging for all. Encouraging social interactions which are well monitored from the onset is crucial to social behaviour and inclusivity as children get older.

By Gymnastics Australia

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